About us

AIMCE says hello!


AIMCE was born from a love for efficiency and spreadsheets. Created by a Dutchie currently living in New York City.

My sisters run a sustainable webshop with handmade accessories made from material waste. Unfortunately, I saw them struggling with their finances and inventory. Having worked in the FMCG myself, I understood the importance of good administration. With my move to the U.S. I spent some time helping them out. I took an advanced Excel programming course and was able to create spreadsheets which are automated as far as possible, making it very accessible for anyone with little knowledge of Excel. But, that’s not all! I created an interactive dashboard with advanced charts to help you go from data to insights. Allowing you to make quick and informed decisions based on visualized data.

Are you ready to aim higher with AIMCE?

For English versions of the spreadsheets visit my Etsy-shop.